Our History

In 1977 a group of community citizens came together to learn more about a problem that had just recently been named: Domestic Violence. The Southern California Coalition on Battered Women had been formed the year before, and communities all across the United States were waking up to this ever-growing problem.

The first action the committee took was opening a lifeline. Calls began almost immediately. They wondered what to do with the victims. Some of the founders opened up their homes to the fleeing women and children. They knew this was not a long-term answer, so in 1978 they rented a house to use as their first shelter.

Since then, the Women’s and Children’s Crisis Shelter has diligently served victims of domestic violence – of all genders and ages. Our mission is to provide safety, shelter, and hope to victims of domestic violence. As part of our program, we collaborate with other agencies to improve overall health, wellness, and economic stability; provide culturally relevant and supportive intervention; provide educational information for the prevention of family violence, and maintain a 24-hour lifeline. We operate on a 24-hour basis, and all of our programs are free-of-charge.

WCCS was founded on the belief that everyone has the right to a violence-free environment; that violence, be it physical, actual or threatened, emotional or psychological, has no place in healthy relationships. We are dedicated to helping the victims at whatever stage they find themselves.

Our Leadership Team:

Elizabeth Contreras Martinez

Executive Director

Marilynn Moreno

Director of Operations

Sandra Rodriguez

Supportive Services Director

Escarlett Escalante

Shelter Director

Catalina Melgoza

Development and Communications Coordinator

Our Board of Directors:

DulceMonica Delgadillo


Veronica S. Perez


Our Board Members:

Julie Peoples

Ruthie Flores Retana

Petra Schmischke

Barbara Gile

Emeritus Board Member

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